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Deep Throat, the secret source who started the Watergate scandal in the film All the Presidents Men (1976) was obviously a lover of dark, underground car parks. Because that is where he leaked is information to The Washington Post and eventually caused the downfall of President Nixon. The Alexandrium in Rotterdam (the Oosterflank district) had not yet been built, otherwise the former FBI bigwig would certainly have honoured the shopping mall, reminiscent of America and opening (1984) with its anonymous mega car park building with a visit. Checked fact: In the Hong Kong action film Who am I ? (1998) there’s a scene in which Jackie Chan tries to escape from a gang of criminals on the spiral access ramp to the Alexandrium III car park.

Rotterdam – Province of South-Holland

location contact
Alexandrium III
Watermanweg 231, 3067 GA Rotterdam
+3110 220 5157

local contact
Rotterdam Film Commission
Stationsplein 45, unit BE.041, 3013 AK Rotterdam
Saskia Kagchèl
+3110 433 2511
website Rotterdam Film Commission

[from Amsterdam Airport/Schiphol]
69,9 km, fastest travel time by car 51 minutes


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