medieval towers and city gate

All that is left of the robust medieval defence works of Delft (in 2013 it had 100,051 inhabitants with about 700 national Historic buildings in the centre). In around 1400, the city had eight gracious gates as part of its defensive wall. In the 19th century, the wall and seven gates had to go to make way for industrial development. Only the Oostpoort is still standing as a chivalrous relic from the time when the city had to keep intruders out; the loopholes above the gate provide evidence of that. The towers have an octagonal top floor with mysterious niche which can be climbed via a narrow staircase. Checked fact: the Oostpoort was used for a spectacular vodka commercial, in which the past transformed into the present.

Delft – Province of South-Holland

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City of Delft
Phoenixstraat 16, 2611 AL Delft
+3115 260 2788 +316 53 986 073

[from Amsterdam Airport/Schiphol]
49,1 km, fastest travel time by car 36 minutes

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