historic canal

Stately old canal in the centre of Dordrecht with various small bridges and on both sides countless 17th-century buildings. The name Pottenkade refers to the potters who sold their wares here centuries ago. Close to the historic City hall, built over the Voorstraathaven and a Gothic basilica (65 metres high) which is just as crooked as the leaning Tower of Pisa. Checked fact: the city of Dordrecht (119,000 inhabitants) has 900 historic buildings, mostly concentrated in the inner city.

Dordrecht – Province of South-Holland

local contact
City Dordrecht City Hall
Spuiboulevard 300, 3311 GR Dordrecht
+3178 639 8989

Dordrecht Marketing
Spuiboulevard 99, 3311 GN Dordrecht
+3178 770 8777 marketing@dordrecht.nl

Tourist office Dordrecht
Spuiboulevard 99, 3311 GN Dordrecht
Maria Sumaryanto +3178 632 2440 m.sumaryanto@vvvzhz.nl

[from Amsterdam Airport/Schiphol]
84,7 km, fastest travel time by car 1h00


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