gloomy tunnel

Tunnel with futuristic lift and escalators for slow traffic that with little imagination is fit for the “Historical Dictionary of Horror Cinema” (2008) by Peter Hutchings. The slow slight bend makes it look as if this spot alongside the A29 motorway never ends. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1995) could have a good time here... The cycle tunnel forms part of the traffic tunnel (completed in 1969, Length: more than 1 km in all) under the Old Maas River and links the South-Holland island of IJsselmonde to the Hoeksche Waard. The A29 (length: 30,4 km, maximum speed 130 km/h) is a relatively quiet and almost gridlock-free dual carriageway and used by 85,000 vehicles a day.

Heinenoord - Province of South-Holland

location contact
Rijkswaterstaat Zuid-Holland
Groene Kruisweg 403, 3161 EJ Rhoon
+3110 503 2100

local contact
Municipality of Binnenmaas
Sportlaan 22, 3299 XG Maasdam
+3178 676 4433

[from Amsterdam Airport/Schiphol]
85,3 km, fastest travel time by car 1h00

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