financial district

Where money meets power. View of a part of The Hague skyline with its modern buildings that house large banks and insurance companies. What is extraordinary is that the area is a stone’s throw away from thecentre of Dutch politics located inthe classic Binnenhof, close to thegiant ministerial office blocks and embassies. Between all of this lies an oasis of green tranquillity, the Malieveld Park which, at critical times throughout the year, is filled with angry demonstrators expressing their disgust at politics and global financial corporations. Here, The White House, Wall Street, or the critical vision of Michael Moore blend together seamlessly.

The Hague

local contact
The Hague Film Commission
Spui 70, 2511 BT Den Haag
Han Ing Lim
+3170 353 8744

distance from Amsterdam Airport 46 km

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