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For years, the Kriterion student cinema roamed the city, lonely and soulless. This situation came to an end in 2013. The film that profiles itself with “controversial and unpredictable” art house movies such as Do The Right Thing (1989) by Spike Lee, found a spot in the hip Zomerhof (ZOHO) quarter in Rotterdam North. “Its walking distance from the centre, that’s what we always wanted”, says a staff member. “The idea is that we will become a kind of Ambassador for ZOHO.” Checked fact: during the pause of a film the screen rolled up and a stunning view of the city was revealed.

Rotterdam – Province of South-Holland

local contact
Rotterdam Film Commission
Stationsplein 45, unit BE.041, 3013 AK Rotterdam
Saskia Kagchèl
+3110 433 2511
website Rotterdam Film Commission

[from Amsterdam Airport/Schiphol]
60,5 km, fastest travel time by car 45 minutes


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