building "de rotterdam"

Eye-catcher of the “slender city” Rotterdam, designed in 1998 by architect Rem Koolhaas and opened its doors in 2013. The building has three linked towers, 44 floors (height about 149 m) and total surface area the size of a soccer pitch. De Rotterdam is among the largest buildings in the Netherlands and has countless facilities; there are 240 apartments, 72,000 m² of office accommodation, conference halls, cafes, restaurants and a hotel. With a floor-space index of 32, De Rotterdam is the most densely built part of the Netherlands.

Rotterdam – Province of South-Holland

51°54'28.5"N 4°29'22.2"E

location contact
De Rotterdam, Communication department
Vanessa Westbroek
+316 40 582 686

local contact
Rotterdam Film Commission
Stationsplein 45, unit BE.041, 3013 AK Rotterdam
Saskia Kagchèl
+3110 433 2511
website Rotterdam Film Commission

[from Amsterdam Airport/Schiphol]
62,8 km, fastest travel time by car 49 minutes


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