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De Stamhouder / The Heir

Single play, 2021, 8 x 50 minutes min.

IN PRE PRODUCTION. In The Heir journalist Alexander Münninghoff compellingly describes his fascinating family history, and thus his book also deals with the history of the twentieth century. Münninghoff: “It’s about the consequences of the war. About a sly grandfather, who had become one of the richest people of Latvia in a very spectacular way, but two days before the war broke out he and his Russian wife and four children had to flee to the Netherlands, leaving behind all his possessions. About a naïve father, who fought out of idealism against the Soviets on the front lines, in SS-uniform, but then perished in the Netherlands. About a mother, who fled to Germany after the divorce and was not allowed to be my mother. And about me, the grandson, the son, the heir.”





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